Self Marriage Counseling Shouldn’t be Done

It is not feasible to pay $100 charge for every hour a couple decides to sit together to fix their marriage. We are always concerned about the person we care for the most and that is the sole reason why couples end up fighting. As William Shakespeare often told that “Expectations is the root of all heartache” we always expect good things from our better half, and the expectations are not met, we end up getting depressed thinking that we are no longer loved by our partner. After years of living together, the fights are caused because of the most stupid reasons like hanging the clothe on a different line instead of the usual, or maybe because of taking out excess clothes while going out which generally requires frequent washing of clothes and extra hassle.

These normal issues create big impacts between the couple and one by one, day after day, the reasons pile up one after the other and then finally one day, there is an outbreak.

Some couples are rough where one member usually ends up throwing things like flower vase, glass plates and other hard objects at each other states Usually the man takes the beating from his wife, but in many cultures, the wife gets brutally beaten by her husband for conflicts. There are NGO’s serving and protecting the rights of women. If they are treated ill by their husbands or any other male specimen, the victim can seek for refuge under the protection of those NGO’s which will punish the male lawfully. After the introduction of such laws and regulation, the abuse against women has fallen drastically giving women an opportunity to shine. When couples fight, usually one has to step down, if you are the male I would suggest you to get out of your house and take a walk. Come back after a long time, or don’t come back at all for the day. You will notice that things have changed and the tension disappeared after coming back home to your wife. Talk out when both of you are thinking rationally instead of hurting each other.